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Alfa-Ege is a company that aims to provide the most accurate, efficient, and highest quality service with its knowledge and experience in Mechanical & Electrical projects, contracting, and consultancy in national and international projects of the construction sector, which is one of the cornerstones of the rapidly growing global economy.

With our 40 years of experience, we have been established under the name Alfa-Ege Company since 1983 and we continue to provide services in this field.

The company has created values with its experience and knowledge gained from the projects which have been done so far. It has succeeded in reflecting this value to its employees, consultants, suppliers, all groups, and customers in every project.

We aim to give the best result to the demands and needs of our customers and to produce the best solution that can be realized with its employees specialized in the design, cost planning, analysis, implementation, project management, and operation. Alfa Ege is aware that its power comes from institutionalized experienced teams.

It is source of value for the our company that after each project our clients speak with pride about Alfa-Ege. Our goal is to be a multinational company with continuity in the projects and to be able to serve higher quality, above expectations by keeping the customer satisfaction accepted nationally and internationally in the field of Mechanical & Electrical projects and contracting that we are experts in.
Our mission in the globalizing world is to create the technology of the future in our sector with an innovative perspective by using information systems as well as research and development.
Integrity and Transparency
In our projects, we serve according to the requirements of the investor and the system to be established and not from a mass production perspective. We want our customers to remember us when they say quality. That’s why we work with high standards in every project.
Project and Consultancy
We put our signature under important projects by realizing major engineering projects at home and abroad.
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